Seals and Profiles

With thousands of die tools, ES Rubber customers can choose from an impressive array of custom made and off-the-shelf seals for diverse industries and applications: valves, pipe clamps, couplings, adaptors, filtering systems, sewage pipes; rings; gaskets.

ES Rubber seals are in use around the world in tunnels, general construction, water transportation, including drinking water and sewer pipes.

Superior materials and top-notch advantages

All ES Rubber seals  are produced using conventional and advanced elastomers: EPDM, SBR, NR with Shore A hardness ranging from 40 to 50.

  • In-house rubber compounding, mixing and laboratory facilities
  • Extruding and vulcanising on modern production lines
  • Ring vulcanisation using injection moulding process or vulcanisation sheet
  • Cooperating and developing with Dr. Werner Grabe, a leading expert in sealing solutions 
  • Profiles physical properties and performance certified for relevant European standards and FBS requirements by MPA NRW Dortmund, BENOR COPRO and Kiwa (KOMO quality mark)
  • Quality assurance procedures certified to ISO 9001:2008