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ES Rubber EN 681-1 type WA approval

We are pleased to announce that we have received additional approvals for our EPDM compounds which met the requirements of the EN 681-1 type WA standard in addition to the requirements of hygiene aspects of elastomeric material in contact with drinking .water (Elastomerleitlinie des UBA) and according to DVGW W270  which were performed by TZW 

ES Rubber acquisition in Tunneltalk magazine
ES rubber Gaskets for the Tel Aviv Metro - Red Line video

We are proud to be a part of the amazing Tel Aviv Metro project and now the first 140 meters of the tunnel construction are complete.

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Profily acquisition announcement

We are pleased to announce that, effective January 31, 2017, ES Rubber Industries Ltd has   acquired 85% ownership stake at Profily S.R.O. a manufacturer of extruded rubber sealing solutions based in The Czech Republic
Profily was established in 1996 and its main production facilities are in Vitkov, The Czech Republic.
The company manufactures rubber based products for various industries including automotive, construction, appliances and others.
The company offers a wide range of products, including:
• Extruded rubber seals – homogenous, micro-porous, and coextruded with metal reinforcement.
• Extruded plastic seals made from PVC and TPE
• Extruded seals made of combination of plastic and rubber – including products with reinforcement.
• Frame seals – joints with injection molding machine.
• Spare parts and other products for the automotive and rail industries.

This acquisition represents the next step change for ES Rubber in terms of scale and capabilities for seals manufacturing. Along with providing synergies, the acquired business also brings strong relationships with important new customers, strengthens our product platform and positions this business to grow faster in the European market.

 For more information about Profily S.R.O please visit www.profily.cz


ES rubber Gaskets for the Tel Aviv Metro - Red Line

We are proud to be a part of the new Tel Aviv Metro project - Red Line Western Section, supplying our Rubber Gaskets to the China Railway Tunnel Group.
Designed and constructed by NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System, the Red Line will be the ‘backbone’ of the mass transit system, and will pass through the most congested regions of the metropolitan area.
The length of the line is 24km, 11km of which is in a tunnel that will be excavated underground.

ES rubber Profiles for the new Azrieli Sarona project

ES Rubber is proud to be a part of the extraordinary Azrieli Sarona Tower, supplying our rubber profiles to the Aluminum construction Company.
The unique tower is expected to be 238 meters high with 53 floors. It will be the highest tower in Israel when complete in 2017. The design is based on diagonal lines, making the tower appears angular.

ES rubber Gaskets for the Delhi Metro CC-23 Project

We are pleased to announce the completion of the Delhi Metro CC-23 tunnel section.

 Supplying over 5660 Coextruded Hydrophilic EPDM Gasket sets.


PipeFlexPlus sealing rings with added hydrophilic swell strip  | Dr.-Ing. Werner Grabe, WGD, Germany

Anchored seals for concrete pipes are regularly used since decades. The rubber ring is cast-in to the socket end of pipes and hold into position by anchor feet..

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Soft corner rubber gaskets for segmental liners  | Dr.-Ing. Werner Grabe, WGD, Germany

Since the times of building the Channel Tunnel with its first regular use of EPDM rubber gaskets the development of profile geometry design and gasket corner design has been developed by design engineers of the rubber industry.  From some tunnel projects it has been reported, that concrete spalling happens mainly in the gasket corner area, in the situation of a T-joint between three segments. It was found, that the gasket corners were too massive, and some injected material flew into the hollow canals of profiles, by this reducing or even blocking their deformability.

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New Tunnel project in Austria- Tunnel Koralm


ES Rubber gaskets used for Koralm tunnel

For more information about the project please enter the Tunnel builder article



Dr. Werner Grabe, the world's leading sealing methods specialist: lecture about sealing systems for TBM bored tunnels with concrete segment liners in world-wide applications. ES Rubber's Technology Dep. Manager Eng. Mrs. Sagit Velge: lecture about selaing methods in the infrastructure field.






ES RUBBER Gaskets are being used in Poland to ensure a leak-free tunnel, an important new highway tunnel beneath one of the country's major rivers.

The 10 km long Slowacki Route will link the Lech Walesa airport in Gdansk to both the deep water harbor and the motorway to Warsaw, enhancing the city’s position as a major transportation hub in the region. The new connection passes under the Vistula River in a 1.4 km long twin tunnel designed to accommodate two lanes of traffic apiece. A major part of the crossing comprises 1.1 km long tunnels being driven by Spanish contractor OHL using a 12.56 m-diameter Herrenknecht Mixshield. These will be equipped with seven cross passages for emergency use.

  The TBM will resist up to 4 bar pressure expected at certain points under the river with only 8m cover. It will also have to manage four percent gradients at each end of the drives. The tunnels are being lined with 1,090 rings of 6+1 segments equipped with ES Tunnelflex rubber gaskets tested to 7 bar.  


Gaskets contract for the Tel-Aviv – Jerusalem 28 Km train tunnels awarded to Ein Shemer Rubber Industries

ES Rubber TunnelFlex 33 Plus gasket fulfills the long-term requirements of external water pressure, which can reach up to 5 bars, and are in accordance with STUVA recommendations.
Excavation will commence on 4Q 2011 .

 The Tel-Aviv – Jerusalem high speed train tunnel project will be built by two joint venture contractors: one by Pizzarotti (Italy) – Shapir (Israel) J.V. and the other is Mos Metrostroy (Russia) – Minrav (Israel) J.V.
The length of the twin tunnels is 14 Km requiring approximately 28 Km of segmental liners equipped with ES Rubber gaskets surrounding all concrete segments.




Diablo railway tunnel Ways & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG
In a joint venture with Vinci Construction Grand Projects 2008 - 2009
Conversion of the dead-end station at Zaventem Airport, Brussels into a through station; connection of the station to the new high-speed railway line from Brussels to Antwerp

• 2 TBM-driven tunnels, length: 1,07 km each, external diameter 8,00 m, 1428 rings of 7+1 segments

Maximum hydraulic pressure 2,3 bars,
Test pressure 4,6 bars at worst combination of 5 mm gap and 20 mm offset
Tunnel Flex 33 Plus, Rubber gaskets with 90° Soft corners



Connection between "Novoyasenevskaya" (Kaluzhsko–Rizhskaya Line 6) and "Bulevar Dmitriya Donskogo" (Serpukhovsko–Timiryazevskaya Line 9);
Rubber gaskets for segmental liners TBM tunnel
• TunnelFlex 33 Plus, Rubber gaskets with 90° Soft corners